SureVue MVOS update 1.4.0

MediaVue's MVOS v1.4.0 introduces features that are designed to enhance remote access and security harden players.

Chief among these are a new secured execution facility and a bolstered update service.

Chromium and Appspace HTML5 updates are included, as usual, as well as a new IR remote control integration for selected displays and a series of security enhancements.

The MVOS 1.4.0 update has been deprecated in favor of the MVOS 1.4.1 updater, as it includes the entirety of 1.4.0. Please follow this link to the 1.4.1 update page.

Please contact MediaVue support for the offline installer.

Chromium Version


Appspace HTML5 Client Version


New Features
  • Added new hardened Update/Install service and support for a new file type, .mvi, to handle future software patches and updates
  • Added new secure execution facility for running MediaVue signed executables as a fallback to existing support methods
  • Added support for download and install progress reporting for new .mvi packages
  • Added support for factory-set randomized default system passwords (to be rolled out in production soon)
  • Added support for new WiFi cards in SureVue Carbons
  • Added temperature sensing support for newest generation of D series hardware
  • Added feature allowing authentication to be required for accessing the SureVue's configuration interface locally, e.g. "keyboard and mouse" configuration
  • Added feature allowing remote configuration to be disabled, so the SureVue's web configuration interface will not work until it is re-enabled locally or through ANM
  • Update to Chromium 63.0.3239.84
  • Update to Appspace 1.28
  • Added feature allowing a user to logout of the web configuration or local configuration
  • Added feature which detects presence of default password and provides a visual warning that the user should change it
  • Merged API credentials with system user credentials so that changing a SureVue's password changes it universally
  • Modified Web Configuration sessions to persist to the filesystem so that Users will not be logged out on service restarts/ system reboots, as occurs with updates (Sessions still expire in 2 hours)
  • Added support for controlling Signs with infrared remote controls
Field Issue Fixes
  • Installed certificates are now treated as a trusted CA rather than as a trusted peer, which the user expected behavior
  • Removed need for a username when authenticating in the web/local configuration interface, since it was immutable and thus degraded usability while offering no security advantage
  • Hardened Serial Display Control against unexpected responses from untested display models
  • Fixed a bug where connecting to a WiFi network would cause previously disabled LAN (Ethernet) devices to become enabled
  • Fixed inability to add proxy servers
  • Fixed mishandling proxy servers with URLs specifying a port number
  • Fixed conditional failure when executing multiple simultaneous Serial Display commands, as outlined in Known Issues for release 1.3.0.
  • Fixed unnecessary UDP traffic flooding if a SureVue on a local network misrepresented its IP address
  • Fixed a bug where compliance mode would not enforce displays in cloned mode
  • Blocked ability to schedule system on/off on Carbon, where hardware support is not present for scheduled power on
  • Fixed enabling DNS from DHCP clearing previous DNS server entries
  • Reconfigured platform setup to avoid intermittent reboot issue
Known Issues
  • When configuring from Static DNS to DNS from DHCP an error notification will be raised in the web configuration saying that the action did not complete. Refreshing the page will show that DNS was in fact switched to DHCP
  • When uploading a font file, if the file extension is not all lower case (ex// .ttf vs .TTF) the upload will fail
  • When configuring the datetime through the web/local configuration portal the user could be sent back to the login screen after the action completes. This will only occur if the new time set is greater than 2 hours from player's original time

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