SureVue MVOS update 1.3.0

The latest release of MVOS brings improvements for kiosk applications, performance improvements for all SureVue models (particularly the Carbon), and a fix for the WPA2 "Krack attack" vulnerability.

The usual updates of Chromium and the Appspace HTML5 client are included.

For full details, see the Release Notes (highlights below).

Please note that the order of installing the 2 parts of the update is important, as stated in the Update Procedure section of the Release Notes. Install the "critical" update first, then the "extra" update file.

You can download the two parts of the 1.3.0 update here:



SureVue MVOS Version Update (1.3.0)

Update to Ubuntu Kernel 4.11.0-14
Update to Chromium 61.0.3163.79
Updates to SureVue software
  • Core Software, surevue-appspace-native (1.7.1) and surevue-action-server (1.3.6) packages
Included Appspace HTML5 Client
  • Version 1.23.0
Update Highlights
  • Overall CPU resource management improved, resulting in reduced average latency for CPU bound content (most notably video decode)
  • Major graphics stack update, yielding notable performance improvements
  • WPA Supplicant update to eliminate “KRACK attack” vulnerability
  • Optimization for interactive Kiosk environments
    • Removed right click for touchscreens
    • Removed cursor for touchscreen applications
  • Useragent updated to improve compatibility for some web content
Known Issues
  • Multiple Scheduled Actions (ANM only) - Due to an issue with synchronization in the underlying environment, scheduling multiple actions which utilize a particular serial port will cause all but the first action to fail. The current work-around is to utilize "broadcast" serial actions when possible, and schedule actions at least one minute apart when individual display addressing is required.

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