SureVue MVOS update 1.2.0

This release features a new UDP streaming mode called "Liveplay", as well as several new UI features and additional improvements and bug fixes.

Liveplay is designed to prioritize low latency over multi zone, mixed content to deliver UDP streaming content in real time, with no delays.

It can be enabled by appending "liveplay" to your UDP URL like so:


This will trigger our UDP service to present the decoded video in an overlay, on top of the running Appspace application, so you must design your content accordingly.

This release also includes the Appspace HTML5 client version 1.16.0.

For full details, see the Release Notes (highlights below).

You can download the two parts of the 1.2.0 update here:



SureVue MVOS Version Update (1.2.0)

Update to Ubuntu Kernel 4.4.0-83
Update to Chromium 58.0.3029.68
Updates to SureVue software
  • core software, surevue-appspace-native (1.4.0) and surevue-action-server (1.3.2) packages
  • udpbackend (1.0.19)
  • planar touchscreen driver (0.4)
Included Appspace HTML5 Client
  • Version 1.16.0
Update Highlights
  • Support for new SureVue model: SureVue Carbon
  • New UDP streaming mode: LivePlay
    • Zero-latency stream playback, direct to display output
    • Operates as an overlay, does not allow compositing of other widgets on top of stream
    • Enable by adding “/liveplay” to the end of your udp URL (ex: udp://
  • Remote Syslog transfer support
  • Appspace automatic update control via the web UI, in the Appspace tab
  • Fix for file upload from IE browser’s
  • MVOS version displayed in web UI
  • Improved UDP stream detection, handling, parsing and integration with Appspace HLS streaming

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