SureVue MVOS update 1.0.11

Today we proudly release the first update for our SureVue MVOS player platform. This update includes many security upgrades and fixes from upstream, as well as updates to our software, and the Appspace HTML5 Client version 1.8.0.

For full details, see the Release Notes (highlights below).

Before applying the 1.0.11 update, please ensure you've applied the 1.0.7 interim update:


You can download the two parts of the 1.0.11 update here:



SureVue MVOS Version Update (1.0.11)

Update to Ubuntu Kernel 4.4.0-47
  • fix for "dirty cow" vulnerability
Updates to various base Ubuntu packages, including:
  • libgdk-pixbuf
  • libidn11
  • openssl
  • curl
  • ntp
  • libharfbuzz
  • openssh-server
  • fontconfig and libfontconfig
  • libgd3
  • dbus
Updates to SureVue software
  • core software, surevue-appspace-native (1.0-xenial-11) an surevue-action-server (1.0-xenial-10) packages
  • new update service (surevue-mvsupdate, version 0.2-xenial-8)
  • udpbackend (0.5-xenial-2)
  • planar touchscreen driver (0.2-xenial-2)
Latest Appspace HTML5 Client
  • Version 1.8.0
Update Highlights:
  • Display settings are now applied immediately
  • Planar touchscreen support
  • ELO touchscreen support
  • Firewall on by default
  • Custom display arrangement via mediaVue supplied configuration file
  • Custom display configuration supports offset, negative space and "bezel" compensation
  • Onscreen terminal session now password protected
  • New software update service
  • UDP backend auto-detects stream encoding, selectively enables transcoding if not h.264 (including MPEG2 and AC3)
  • Fixed EDID detection from disabling video output on display "roll call"
  • Fixed mulitple-screenshot ANM "hang"
  • Prevented a software update from breaking screen configuration
  • Gnome-keyring conflict resolved
  • SSL and HTTPS support fixed
  • Certificate upload support fixed
  • UDP backend "sleep" timeout extended to one hour to facilitate switching between streaming and file-based content

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